The Impact of English in South Korea

Essay by usagiA-, November 2004

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South Korea is one of the many Asian countries that are becoming to be westernized by influence of English. The impact of English in my country, South Korea is much more than just westernizing. English has become the essential need for being appreciated in the society, promoted, and hired in the work place. For some jobs it is even mandatory to know certain level of English, which they do through testing. If I graduated from one of the top Universities in South Korea with a top GPA, and my friend just graduated from a local University with lower GPA but has perfect English, then my friend has greater chance of getting hired and promoted to success. In South Korea's society, English has become the symbol of superior. English has lead to success of many people but it has also brought down many people for the only reason that they did not have enough knowledge of English.

Those people whom do not have enough knowledge of English may have other qualities and skills other than English that is needed in our society just as much as English. Unfortunately, the society has become to accept those whom have English because they have higher chance of being successful in the future and reject those whom do not have English because they would not be successful through constantly globalizing society. English has divided the country to have stronger distinction of superior and inferior. Having English to adapt to globalizing society may bring South Korea with many success and benefits economically but the society also needs to know that it is also important to have our country's people appreciated for working hard other than English.