The impact of European settlers immigrating to America on the Native Americans who had already populated these areas

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Unit one AssignmentWhen the Europeans arrived in North America they encountered various Native American cultures. There were about nine- hundred-thousand inhabitants and they spoke over three hundred languages. The first North American immigrates were the people that "crossed the land bridge from Asia" and were nearly "destroyed by the subsequent immigration that created the United States" (Immigration).

In the sixteenth century, English explorers traveled to the "New World to seek a passage to the Indies" (English). The English government gradually became concerned with establishing colonies overseas. They hoped these colonies would provide an outlet for their expanding population; and would be a source of raw materials so that the English could expand their industries. They also thought the colonies would have a market for their manufactured goods. In 1607, James 1 "granted permission for a group of merchants to establish a permanent English settlement" at Jamestown, Virginia (English). In 1608, John Smith was elected the president of the Virginia Colony.

This venture attracted adventurers who hoped to make a fortune in the colonies and it appealed to the people who were being persecuted for the religious and political beliefs.

The Native Americans that were living in the area where Jamestown was settled probably had mixed feelings about the arrival of the English in 1607. At first, the Indians were hostile toward the English because of their past experiences with the Spanish explorers and then they soon began to offer food and hospitality. The Powhatan tribe hoped to absorb the English through hospitality, but the English started to depend on them for food because they neglected to plant corn and other work that was needed for the colony to be self-sufficient.

John Smith saved the colony when he explored the area and established trading with the local Indians. He believed...