Impact of Feminism It's about the meaning of feminism and the feminist movement around the 19th century. There is a works cited as well as notes at the end of the essay.

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Impact of Feminism

The word feminism is stated in the dictionary as the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes and the movement organized around this belief. Many individuals will understand the word feminism in different ways. There is no true set way to describe feminism for everyone has experienced it in a different way. The one important thing to remember about feminism is that it has impacted many things in society like Religion, western society and women's rights to control their own bodies.

Feminism is said to have begun in the 19th century as people increasingly adopted the perception that women are oppressed in a male-centered society. The feminist movement is rooted in the West and especially in the reform movement of the 19th century. Over a century and a half the movement has grown to include diverse perspectives on discrimination against women. Early feminists and primary feminist movements are often called the first wave and feminists after about 1960 the second wave.

There is also a third wave. These three "waves" are known as waves because, like waves on a beach each wave comes on top of the one before and then drawing on each other. Just like the changes through feminism where one idea draws unto another until they have made an extreme impact.

In the West Feminism has made a big impact on the changes in Western society, including women's suffrage; broad employment for women at more equitable wages or equal pay for equal work, the right to initiate divorce proceedings, and the right to medical decisions. These advances are just some of the advances that have been made. There are still some feminists who struggle with achieving other goals for the West.

Feminism also had a great impact on many aspects...