The Impact of Globalization within the Fashion industry

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The Impact of Globalization within the Fashion Industry

Arteria Ware

ENGL 1133: Freshman Composition II

Ms. Ogbaa

November 26, 2012

Throughout history, the fashion industry has played a significant role in popular culture for people all over the world, who are different ages, races, shapes, and sizes. Fashion is being creative and expressing your inner beauty whether you're the designer, the stylist, the model, or even the buyer. The style of dress establishes a person's unique individuality that represents not only who they are on the outside but how they are feeling on the inside. The Fashion Industry has also made a major impact on people when it comes to boosting their confidence. It has demonstrated how to gather emotions and represent them through clothing and accessories. A simple hair color change, a new outfit, the latest pair of shoes, and maybe even a little make-up can transform one from average to extraordinary in a matter of minutes.

But fashion is more than just how you decide to dress or mismatch styles. It is the influence of society's definition of beauty that humanity grasps in order to define themselves and connect with other cultures. I believe having fashion sense gives people the opportunity to have a positive and open-minded outlook on life.

However, there is more to the industry and the culture within it than most can imagine. Fashion can be examined sociologically, environmentally, historically, and economically. Considering that "the encounter between the world's cultures and the combinations of traditions and events is rooted in its creative process" (Ling, 2011, p.107). With the help of international media, the ability of designers to inspire and motivate others about fashion across the world has been made available. Acknowledging the possibility that "a combination of one designer and...