The Impact of High School on My Perception of Others

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High school kids can be very cruel. I found this out first hand throughout my four years of high school. If you don't look like the average 15-17 year old, weigh about 105 lbs, and dress like you are on the cover of a magazine - high school can be a very unforgiving place. Let's just say, high school taught me a lot about true friendship and how to treat other people.

When I was fifteen years old, this was in 1985, my mother received some news that she thought was the greatest news she could ever receive. For me on the other hand, it was the end of my life, as I knew it. My mother's news was that she had received a job offer in Washington, D.C. (DC). Michelle Danette Ford, (that's me) was born in Milwaukee, WI on January 27th, 1970. I grew up with just my mother, my grandmother, and me.

We were a very close family. I could not have asked for a better childhood. Growing up in a neighborhood where we were all one big happy family had its advantages. The major advantages were; all the kids in the neighborhood grew up together, went to the same elementary school, as well as the same junior high school and so on. Because of this, we accepted each other for what/who we were. We all acknowledged that we were different in many aspects. My best friend, Roxanne, had a Jamaican mother and an Irish father. I was the chubby one of the group, and there were many other differences, however, we never let that bother us or let anyone else make those differences an issue for us. My chubbiness was never a problem for me. I was always popular, always had a boyfriend, and always kept...