The impact of HIV/Aids on companies and in particular Transnet

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Introduction p 3

The Business impact of HIV/AIDS p 5

Macroeconomic impact p 5

Business level impact p 6

Declining productivity p 7

Increased cost p 8

3. Transnet's response to HIV/AIDS p 10

Addressing core business operations p 10

Business partners p 11

Community involvement p 11

Advocacy and leadership p 12

4. Conclusion p 13

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Around the world, businesses have heightened their response to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Businesses are recognizing the impact that the virus is having in terms of the human, financial and social costs to its operations and host communities. Even in countries where the virus has a low prevalence level, early action is essential to avoid serious impacts on economic activity and future markets. The way organizations and people are responding to the protection of their workforces, community outreach and philanthropy is evidence that the situation regarding HIV/AIDS is serious.

Moreover, these efforts have not been undertaken in isolation but with the development of partnership on HIV prevention, education and care, between business, the public sector and non-governmental organizations.

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which causes AIDS, was first identified in 1983. Since then, HIV has spread around the world, causing one of the most severe global epidemics of modern time. The initial response was manifested itself in many different ways, from action to protect workforces, to community outreach and philanthropy. Increasingly, the private sector is becoming aware of the impact that HIV/AIDS is having on its workforce, production systems, markets and the local communities in which it operates.

The economic and human consequences of the spread of HIV/AIDS around the world are much more evident in countries where HIV has been present...