Impact of Internet advertisement on body image among young adults in Singapore: Weight Management

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Impact of Internet advertisement on body image among young adults in Singapore: Weight Management


A world that is dominated with mass media is the type of setting in which the present children and adolescents grow up in. There exposure to entertainment media is at an average rate of seven hours everyday. At a stage where fitting appears vital and the realization of ones identity is necessary, children become highly vulnerable to media messages than before. Magazines, films, TV shows and websites provide strong messages, which can influence the life of a teen and every aspect of it. This ranges from her dressing code to the manner in which she wants to behave before her colleagues.

Men and women tend to face the portrayal of models that are thin and muscular, and shown on the medial. This has happened for more than twenty years now.

The number of adolescents who do not like their body images is increasing. These adolescents engage in behaviours that will induce a change in their weight. All these are attributed to the pressure of reaching the ideas depicted by the media.

The major purpose of this study is to investigate the media influences on the views regarding body image and how content in media can be implemented to allow a positive incorporation into adolescents` lives.

Review of literature

Keywords including adolescents, body image dissatisfaction and weight management have enable my search for information and research executed with learning institutions. I will be using three appropriate articles, and they include; "Psychological factors", Environmental and cultural factors," and Interpersonal influences.

Psychological factors

These include factors attributed to individuals` mental health, which can affect their views of body image. They are negative effect and self esteem.

Negative effect

Negative effect or...