Impact of the Internet on Information Technology Security

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IntroductionGlobal impact!! Believe it or not that is a very fundamental characteristic of the Internet. The fact that the Internet impacts countries, businesses and individuals is a gross understatement. Every day a large percentage of the world's population gains access and incorporates the Internet into their daily lives. Fortunately, solutions exist to help aid in the security process.

Impact AnalysisThe Internet has quickly become named as the "Information Highway." Even though it helps many businesses, the Internet also creates many problems for their infrastructure. Security is the reason Internet accessible environments changed how businesses function. Businesses are forced to exchange information differently. They must proactively protect and secure internal data and systems. To help this process, businesses in the 1980s started using TCP/IP to develop private Internets.

Some of the disadvantages businesses face due to the Internet include viruses, security vulnerability, hacking, and an increase in identity and information theft.

The ability to access the Internet through various wireless media such as cell phones increases its availability within the business environment. Therefore, security is a natural reality.

In order to guarantee the protection of information sent through the Internet, the following criteria must be met:•User authentication;•Implementing single user logins;•Implementing one security scheme for inside and outside the user's firewall;•Real-time integrity and privacy protection as well as store-and-forward applications such as e-mail (Computer Reseller News PG).

The possible impacts of transmitting unprotected data are enormous. Technology is transitioning from television and radio to the age of information. By its nature the Internet is free and very insecure. Additionally, the Internet is the medium through which a massive amount of information is sent.

While some of the information is unimportant, other information is critical and vital from a business perspective. If unprotected information or data falls into the wrong hands, the interceptor...