The impact of the Internet on the music industry

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In recent years, illegal music downloading has become a large focus of the music industry. It has brought a huge drawback to the music industry mostly caused by the great force of MP3. Although more and more people are aware of this issue, there are still others who overlook the negative sides of downloading MP3 and the copyright laws and insist on downloading illegal music files due to it being difficult to trace these online illegal acts.

The aim of this essay is describe how MP3 has impacted on the music industry. It also includes basic information on MP3 technology, music file-transferring technology, music copyright laws, and will give three suggestions to prevent online music piracy.

1. Introduction

Everything has been affected by technology, and it helps make life more convenient and simpler. The technology of the computer has obviously become vital to humans' lives. One form of computer technology which has quickly become widespread is known as the internet.

According to a public statement from the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) on BBC news, "Radio took 30 years to reach an audience of 50 million people, TV took 13 years, but the internet has taken only four years. Now the total net population is about 410 million people worldwide (22 March, 2001)." It serves as a multi-purpose network by using the system called World Wide Web or Hyperlink. The World Wide Web has divided into websites and webpages; each one puts together texts, sounds, graphics, and animated images. They are able to provide website-to-website connections by using the method known as electronic links. The internet is built on universal technology and serves every household for many purposes. The internet is really quite easy to understand as it can perform various kinds of functions, for example, connecting people...