The impact of Marketing Mix

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Topic 1

In today's competitive world, businesses face difficulties in retaining their customer. Customer has a variety of choices in the market and they may just easily switch to another brand that offers the same genre of product. Marketers has came out with multiple ways focuses on creating customer satisfaction. The primary goal of all the efforts is to create satisfied and delighted customer, hoping that they will continue to deal with the company. Good customer relationship marketing is one of the efforts of marketers emphasise on creating and maintaining long-term relationship with the customers. It is true that satisfied customer will remain loyal and talk favourably about the company and products. However, good customer relationship marketing alone is not enough to differentiate a company from all the other competitors. It is also not enough to create customer satisfaction. Customer will choose the product based on the performance and features; price and promotion.

Therefore, I am strongly disagree the statement provided.

One of the way to create a loyal customer is to deliver products with great performance that is more than promised. Customer will make judgment towards the particular brand or product based on their previous purchases. It is normal that a consumer form expectations concerning the future performance of the product when purchasing. As they are using the product, they will compare the performance of the product with their previous expectation. If the performance of the product exceed their expectation, they are delighted, and will probably shops for the brand again. For instance, Apple iPhone is a high performance smartphones that satisfy most iPhone users. Despite the performance, it has the added value in the user-friendly interface that make it easy to be used by new users, which add value to the customer satisfaction. Satisfied customer will recommend the...