The Impact of Napoleon Bonaparte

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The late 1700's was a time of great discontent in France. The people revolted against their government in an attempt to gain power in political decision making. In this time, France experienced many forms of governments as the people fought for change. It was during the 1790's that Napoleon Bonaparte became known to the people as a strong military leader. Taking advantage of his rising popularity, Napoleon became the ruler of France and eventually the ruler of an empire. Napoleon Bonaparte had a positive impact on France and Europe due to the military, political and economic stability he restored to France, the laws he put in place, the reforms he introduced to the European countries he conquered and his improvement of the education system.

After a time of uncertainty in France brought about by the French Revolution, Napoleon restored the stability of France through the military. France had experienced a time of military failure during the 1790's when other European nations declared war on France.

Napoleon emerged in this time as a skilled soldier and tactician. He led the French army to many victories from the time he became a commander, and later a general, in the army. These victories include wars in northern Italy and Egypt against the nations who declared war on France in an attempt to prevent a spread of revolutionary ideas in their own countries. Therefore, Napoleon's military success protected France's people and assisted France in defending the ideals of the French Revolution and Enlightenment.

Napoleon also restored political stability by overthrowing the Directory, the French government in power from 1795 to 1799. The Directory was inefficient and ineffective because of corrupt members who lived in luxury while the people suffered. This government created inflation, increased taxes and forced the middle class to lend large sums...