Impact of Slavery in Brazil and Haiti

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If a comparison is drawn between the impacts slavery has had between the countries of Brazil and Haiti, then slavery has had an overall larger impact on Haiti because of the greater political, economic and social influences slavery has had on Haiti than on Brazil.

The Haitian political infrastructure has felt one of the greatest impacts as a result of slavery. Once specifically comparing its acquisition of independence to that of Brazil's, Haiti is the definite winner here. Haiti, the former French colony of Saint-Dominique, became the first independent black republic outside of Africa, and also the first independent republic in the western hemisphere (Burns 46). "Haiti got its new name on January 1, 1804, by proclamation of the ex-slave Jean Jacques Dessalines. His first act after having crowned himself Emperor, in imitation of Napoleon, was to seize the tricolor flag of France and tear out the white section. No sooner was Dessalines firmly established on his imperial throne than the order went forth for the total massacre of the White population" (parker 1).

Haiti had been a country dominated by French white plantation owners for 194 years, who for the time being upheld the ideology of racial superiority over their black slaves, who they saw as nothing more than tools that they invested in for industrialization. This idea of racial superiority had burned the African slaves, who showed nothing but raw animosity for their white slave holders. "In August, 1791, the lid blew off the colony. Rioting slaves became a great mob that ran amok, uprooting, torching and destroying. Before long Haiti was dominated by roving slave bands" (parker 1). This racial tension and conflict had been absent in the Latin American countries, such as Brazil, and for this reason nothing in Brazil has ever been as radical...