"The Impact of Technology on Humanity" Explains the impact of technology on our lives. (781 words)

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The Impact of Technology on Humanity

Do you remember the good old days when people used to light up a fire to warm the oven, when A-tracks were hugely popular and when cars were run on carbureted engines? I sure don't; I wasn't alive for those wonderful times. Technology advances take place every day in the world. It can make our lives easier, spare us some extra time, provide us with new and innovative products/services, and also annoy the hell out of us when trying to understand what it is the novel for the TV remote is saying! With the rapid increase of technology in today's society, it brings only good things such as increased competition with lower prices, a more efficient workplace, increased productivity, and of course a higher stand of living.

With new technologies, ideas and innovations being introduced to the marketplace all of the time, it creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs to seize these opportunities and fill society's needs and wants.

The startup of small businesses in North America has increased immensely over the past decade with higher demand from consumers. With more businesses being started up, it creates more jobs for people, which decreases unemployment, increases competition, brings down prices, and overall provides improvement for our economy. Who can complain if more jobs are available to a community and if products/services can be provided more affordably to the people?

With new technologies being implemented all of the time, things such as machinery, computers, electronics, etc. are capable of performing more tasks, doing things faster, more accurately and doing the job it used to do much easier than it previously did. An example of this would be newer cell phones. Phones about 7 years ago used to be able to call people - that was pretty much...