Impact of TV (Television)

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Impact of TV (Television)

To spend a day without encountering TV is almost something impossible to us living in the 21st century. It is an inescapable part of modern culture and it has made its way to almost every corner of our civilised world. It is there almost everywhere you turn.

The TV has much to offer and plays an important role in our life. Here are some examples on how TV can influence us. In school, it is used as a teaching tool like how my Literature teacher shown us Romeo and Julia flicks during lessons. At soccer and basketball games, huge TV screens help fans enjoy the action by providing close-ups and replays. It also allows workers to watch over radioactive materials or dangerous machinery from a safe distance. Surgeons used TV to guide them during delicate operation. TV cameras in satellites orbiting the Earth helped meteorologists predict the weather.

TV cameras on expressway helped police monitor and control traffic during peak rush hours. At home, we depend on the TV for news, education, culture, weather, sports and entertainment, like watching sitcoms, quiz shows, cartoons, soap operas and even music videos. TV also aid in election campaigns and helped shape images of our politicians.

Besides influencing our life, TV also affects our economy and spreading of ideas. In a society whereby money signifies success, TV has taken its place among the most lucrative and prosperous of business. It creates job opportunities: main career areas in broadcast TV include programming, sales, news, production, engineering and management. People also make short videos like advertisements to introduce and sell products. TV has such an impact on us and we can witness how powerful it is when millions of people repeat jokes, recite catch phrases and act out skits they got from...