Impacts of World War 2 on Australian Citizens

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The Impact of the War on Australian Civilians

The war had a huge impact on a lot of people, with losses from every country but the losses of Australians were nowhere near as bad as the losses from places like Russia, China and several other countries. Even with this being the case, World War II had the biggest impact on the lives of Australians than any other war in our history. This was mainly because the effort made on the home front to produce war materials was as important as the battles being fought in other countries, overseas. Australia as a country was also physically affected by the war, because of things like the Darwin bombing and the submarine attack on Sydney. The Darwin Bombing experienced its first bombing on the 19th of February, 1942, about 2 and half years into the war. The first wave of bombers came as such a surprise to the people in Darwin, leaving them not only unaware but completely unprepared.

The first wave struck the harbour and the town, and the second wave struck the airfield, leaving it almost completely destroyed. 23 American and Australian aircrafts were destroyed through this bombing, as well as five merchant ships and the US destroyer Peary. This was the first of 63 air raids on Darwin over the period of two years (1942 - 1943) during the war, as well as raids on Broome, Wyndham, Port Hedland and Townsville.

World War II left many families to mourn their lost loved ones and they are thankful that someone was there to fight so they could keep living


One of the main effects of the war was to start the 'migration revolution' of post-war Australia. The Australian Government had fears of an invasion, and believed that we...