Is Imperailism Easy? - A review on the article by John Dewey on Imperailism in America.

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Is Imperialism Easy?

In the article "Imperialism Is Easy," John Dewey seems to be against American imperialism rather than for it. He thinks that American imperialism is hindering American business and causing tensions between Americans and foreign countries. The dominance Americans have had over Mexico is especially a concern of his. The negative attitudes towards American business in Mexico come from the "resent being treated as infants under our tutelage." He also goes on to argue that the average American citizen has little knowledge of the extent of imperialism in Mexico and the financial interests and business of the large American corporations.

When Dewey says, "[i]mperialism is a result, not a purpose or plan," he is expressing his view that the idea of imperialism is not a planned event. It happens over time, and before it is realized, we have turned into an imperialistic nation. We might not start out with the intent of becoming an empire and taking control of other countries, but soon these countries become dependent on our business and resources so imperialism soon follows.

Dewey feels that imperialism is wrong, and that American people will continue with imperialistic desires because, "The causes of the difficulty, and underlying forces which make for imperialistic ventures, are enduring." The economy of America and politics of America depend upon the presence of business in Mexico and if we do not plan to change our ways of business then imperialism will continue to flourish. I still feel that this is true today because many factories and companies are continuing to close in America and move into Mexico. The labor is cheaper there and there are fewer taxes to be paid than keeping companies open in America.