Implanon - How the NHS is Failing Women.

Essay by Mia451 February 2006

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I am writing this because I want to inform all women of the dangers and possible side affects of "Implanon" - the contraceptive implant. This is because they will not get this information from the NHS. I have gone through hell and because of my ignorance have been unable to help myself until recently. I don't want other women to go through this.

Last April I was unlucky enough to fall pregnant with an IUD (a coil) fitted and had a termination in May. This was obviously traumatising, but after two months I felt like I was coming to terms with my situation and was feeling healthier in body, mind and spirit. I was however, very paranoid about falling pregnant again, since contraception had failed me before. The pill does not work for me and I was wary of hormonal contraceptives so I was strongly advised by my family planning clinic to get an implant.

It was, I was told, the least hormonal out of all the contraceptives, and the most effective. Worried about weight gain and acne as I am susceptible to both on the pill, I was told that the weight gain experienced by women was minor and again, very strongly encouraged to have one fitted. I read the leaflets they gave me carefully, taking in all the possible side effects of each contraceptive. I noticed that possible blood clotting etc seemed to come hand in hand with the pill and the injection while the leaflet for the implant merely stated possible irregular bleeding and that the implant may be difficult to get out as side effects. Since it lasts for 3 years I wasn't worried about getting it out and I was used to heavy bleeding while I had a coil in. It seemed...