how to implement chosen strategies for Nestle by comparing the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation between Nestle and Starbucks,

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Nestle Vietnam is a member of global Nestle operating in food industry. With a long time of running business in Vietnam, Nestle has become one of successful company in coffee industry.

It is improving to conquer the market and defeat the domestic company of Vietnam. However, there is a threat to the company due to a new entrant of a famous brand - Starbucks coming to Vietnam's market recently. The competitiveness is getting harder which requires Nestle to have good strategies to compete.

It is suggested for the company to set up a five year objective which is "developing a chain of takeaway coffee shops nationwide to cover 40% of market share from 2014 to 2018". In order to achieve this objective, there are two smaller stages with two sub-objectives, including:

Setting up a chain of takeaway coffee shops in big cities and increasing profits by 10% each year from 2014 to 2016

Providing a diversity of drinks in takeaway coffee shops from...