The implementation of laws exist in every county whatever political

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The implementation of laws exist in every county whatever political system they follow. Laws are passed and discussed in parliament and when approved of they form like a "code of Ethics" in society that the citizens would have to follow.

Laws are there for a reason and that reason is to keep the country running smoothly in an orderly manner. One cannot imagine what a country with an Anarchy system would be like (i.e. without any form of government). In a Democracy, which is the most popular form of political system around the world, laws are necessary to protect the people, to discipline people and to make sure that they work together in harmony to build a strong society. Laws are needed for this purpose and not only that but without them, our freedom maybe unlimited, but our rights and values will be destroyed if we had to live in a society without any form of law.

Certain laws may very well restrict an individual from doing something that the person might feel is important for him e.g. Divorce. However one must look at the situation that lies beneath, if people are suffering in a marriage (e.g. Husband beating his wife) then I think its only fair that these people are granted a permit to relieve them of such a desperate situation. However when it comes to a subject like Abortion one must keep in mind that this act goes against any human value whether a few agree with it or not and that the government has every right to make it illegal.

In places like China, which has a Communist government, there's a law that states that the people must not have more then one child due to the over population in the country. However practical that might sound it is very well restricting people from having more children which to some might be very special and important but at the same time it is helping the society not to fall apart. If the people don't abide by this rule and go on having more children then they wouldn't be given a children's allowance.

In any state when a person commits a crime (I.e. goes against the law) he is punished according to the severity of his actions whilst if a person is recognized for doing a very good deed that person is rewarded. Therefore this helps people to act as good citizens and to reflect before committing a crime, once they know that punishment is what they will get if they're caught. In this way the other citizens are more protected and that is why justice in a country is so important. If a murderer walks away free it wouldn't be fair on the family of the victim. Another example is that of paying taxes, it is a law that everyone pays taxes and though it may seem as if the government is stealing our money that money is being used for children's education, hospital fees, pensions and eventually us as well, when we reach an age were we have to stop working.

Taking drugs is also illegal in many parts of the world and the people that do drugs or deal them may not have the freedom to do it in his/her house let alone public places. I agree that drugs are illegal and should be kept this way for many reasons including the safety of children and because we know that being under the influence of a drug may result as a threat to others.

In conclusion I would like to pin point that there is no dispute concerning the necessary roles of laws in a society made up of individuals who all have there needs and necessities, but who at the same time must depend on life in harmony with each other. Laws are the reflection of the people's culture, and hence although restricting the individual's freedom, they enrich society's well being by ensuring that the harmonic well being herefore mentioned is maintained.