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University of PhoenixConceptApplication of Concept in the ScenarioReference to Concept in ReadingEstablish project prioritiesMeg P. McGill, the CEO of Harrison-Keyes, Inc. failed to clearly establish project priorities before she began to implement her multiple projects that all share the same resources. Now problems have arisen in the different projects that now require more resources and now there is a conflict over which project is more of a priority and should deserve the majority attention and resources."One of the primary jobs of a project manager is to manage the trade-offs among time, cost, and performance" (Gray & Larson, 2006).

Defining project scopeHarrison- Keyes failed to define the project scope before implementing any projects which has led to multiple problems and in different projects and a lot of frustration and confusion. Proper defining of the project scope would have revealed certain critical factors such as the fact that the firm's current technology system would not be able to support the project and would have saved them lots of time and money.

"The primary purpose is to define as clearly as possible the deliverable(s) for the end user and to focus project plans" (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 100).

Project portfolio management systemHarrison-Keyes, Inc did not have an effective project portfolio management system to accompany its multiple project initiatives. This has caused such problems as implementation gap, organizational politics, and conflicts over resources. A system that ensures that projects are aligned with strategy and provides a basis of ranking of projects would have eliminated many of the conflicts that the company is experiencing. "Implementation of projects without a strong priority system linked to strategy creates problems….A project portfolio system can go a long way to reduce, or even eliminate the impact of these problems" (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 28).

Organizational cultureHarrison-Keyes, Inc...