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ConceptApplication of Concept in the ScenarioReference to Concept in ReadingOrganizational Culture Organizational culture (OC) represents a major influential element in project implementation and fulfillment in the workplace environment. Harrison-Keyes (HKI) demonstrates an unsupportive OC, its stakeholders' projects, and objectives are misaligned with those of the corporations. Having no clear corporate policy, diversity awareness training or strategies HKI operates under the mantra "revenues at any cost", tolerating dysfunctional workplace conflict. There is a lack of unit integration, team emphasis, and cohesiveness this has diluted work team effectiveness.

There is obvious tension between members of the senior leadership team, and disheartening comments were passed back and forth during team meetings. There has been a breakdown in communication, some team members are over burdened with responsibilities and tight potentially unrealistic deadlines to produce. HKI demonstrates a reactive culture rather than the more productive proactive culture. HKIs' production manager Pete Ross should be accommodating and considerate of the time difference in India.

Pete should schedule his communication interactions with Asia Digital Publishing (ADP) during a mutually suitable timeframe. Poor project planning and implementation combined with a culture of working round the clock to complete projects has contributed to poor employee morale.

Meg McGill, the leadership team, and the project managers must be well versed on the HKI organizational culture, by understanding the prevailing organizational issues, expectations and collective belief patterns these decision makers will be able to decipher any potential weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that arise during the conduction of business activities and the e-publishing initiative project completion.

"An organization's culture provides a sense of identity for it members…culture includes the behavioral norms, customs, shared values, and the "rules of the game" for getting along and getting ahead within the organization. It is important for project managers to be "culture sensitive" so that they...