Implementing a Computer Integrated Learning system @ Ogilvy Worldwide

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Ogilvy Worldwide 3

My profile 4

Macro-organizational Issues during CIE Implementation 5

Management Support 5

Building a Business Case 6

Involvement 6

Support / Training for Facilitators and Learners 7

Curriculum Issues 8

Hardware and Software Issues 8

Resistance Management 9

Tools and Strategy Selection 10

Learning Management System 10

Outline 10

Tools 10

Collaborative Learning 12

Outline 12

Benefits 12

Interaction Vs. Individualism 13

Outline 13

Benefits 13

Problem Solving 14

Conclusion 14

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Ogilvy Worldwide

Ogilvy is a worldwide leader in branding and marketing services, ranging from art direction and multimedia design to strategy design and implementation. Ogilvy have been in operation since 1972, and have built up a superb client base, including names and big as IBM, American Express and Yahoo!

The Ogilvy Worldwide community includes over 150 offices in 30 countries and is the largest direct marketing and interactive marketing network in the world.

Ogilvy pride itself in putting the client first in every situation, and allowing the client to part of the consultation process in every way possible, believing that the inherent value in any communication lies within the brand itself, or the client for Ogilvy.

The most visible part of Ogilvy's business is without a doubt the creative side, and is in essence the summation of all the work that goes on behind the scenes. However, this is not the only aspect focused on at Ogilvy, who have developed a 'Performance Marketing' tool that audits the results of a campaign through 3 channels:

Search Engine Results and Optimization

Search and Adserve data recognition and real-time reporting

Performance based compensation models

This tool ensures that Ogilvy are always on the ball when it comes to Return On Investment focused clients, as they can view and track their...