Implementing Security Strategies

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This paper will discuss implementing security strategies at Solar Sail, legal ethical, and liability considerations. How MRP securities have impacted Solar Sail security and recommendations for a better management plan. Each day at Solar Sail there was a priority to take care of, and priority management was not given attention causing issues within the IT department. The issues ranged from LAN to website security loss. To recover from this loss implementing a security strategy in order to keep everything running smoothly is ideal.

Security implementation begins with "organization, tactical, strategic, operational planning" (Whitman & Mattord p27), and the top-down management ladder. The organization part begins with the CEO of Solar Sail, he/she is responsible of coming up with a long term plan for the IT department consisting of multiple tasks that will be shared among employees regarding the problematic issues. Such issues are the LAN, error rate, and website security.

The CEO would have a meeting with the heads of the company including the IT department and express the concern, expected goals, and tentatively how to achieve them.

Next the CIO will use strategies plans made by the CEO for the IT department and make sure they are carried out by planning a meeting and sitting down with the department and going over the plans made by the CEO and taking in any changing concerns. From there, the IT department can express concerns and changes on the organization plans in general. In the step the tentative steps came become more realistic on future goals.

Next, the CISO can sit down with the security IT department and go over with them implementation plans regarding the website security issues. What strategies can be taken to ensure proper precaution are taken in case there is another website break in and future...