Implicit assumption test.

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There were three options that you had made available for this assignment and out of those three I had decided on the first option. Which was to go to the Harvard's web site for the implicit assumption test. The directions simple take two of these tests, which two of these tests I would be taking were at my discretion.

I was trying to decide which test I should take according to what I did not believe I had a bias towards. So I proceeded with the Judaism versus other religions test. During this test I realize that I had little to no knowledge of Judaism and just a small understanding of other religions such as Christianity. But at the end the test told me that I preferred Judaism to other religions. I felt that even though I had no biases to Judaism over any other religion but just as equally so, I had no preference to go by.

So after taking this test I decided to take two more and digress from this one, but felt it important that I tell you that I took this test and how it went.

I went on to take the white people versus black people implicit assumption test. I finish the test and the results were as follows "Your data suggest a slight to no automatic preference for White compared to Black." I was surprised to find out that I did not have more of a biased towards black people in my subconscious. Because in reality when ever I have to sit down and converse with a black person that I do not know my first assumption is that they will be rude and blunt. I have this assumption through exercise my own experience not through any learned social institution. I do not...