Importance and impacts of business ethics in hospitality sectors

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Asian Social Science; Vol. 10, No. 8; 2014 ISSN 1911-2017 E-ISSN 1911-2025

Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in Asian Luxury Hotels: Policies, Practices and Standards

Vimolboon Cherapanukorn1,2 & Kirsten Focken2 1 Collage of Art, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai Universty, Thailand 2 School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Correspondence: Vimolboon Cherapanukorn, Collage of Art, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. E-mail: Received: January 22, 2014 Accepted: February 27, 2014 Online Published: March 26, 2014 doi:10.5539/ass.v10n8p198 URL: Abstract The tourism and hospitality industry claims to embrace the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) but it seems unclear how and if companies integrate CSR activities into the core business and how they demonstrate real impacts and positive changes. The purpose of this research is to understand how Asian luxury hotels communicate about their CSR policies, practices and standards. It gives insights of best practices of CSR from luxury hotel groups that operate predominantly in Asia. The findings reveal that CSR is a blurry subject and there is a lack of an overall accepted definition and guidelines. The reporting of CSR activities by the Asian luxury hotels includes various overall activities, many of which are normal business practices. Many of these hotel groups are adopting international standards and most of them underline the importance of the environment and society. The study concludes that the motivation for CSR is oriented towards sustaining the basis for their operations. The outcome of the research suggests that further studies should analyze different hotel segments, such as local hotels or small-medium size hotels, in one particular country or comparing between various countries. Keywords: sustainability, CSR strategy, Asia, hotels 1. Introduction Sustainable development and responsible business practices are increasingly important...