The Importance and Process of DBMS

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A Database Management System (DBMS) is a group of programs that allows consumers to store, edit or delete information from a database so that they can ask questions about the data so that they can access information needed faster, programs that will be able to do such are; Microsoft Access, Oracle or SQL Server. A database is similar to a storage unit for data. DBMS offers programs for consumers to be able to manage and organize data.

In the company that I work at handles many employee but none of us know anything about the computer systems. We have an IT technician that services all computers in the office and updates. All of the employees in the office know the basics of computers and their button they need to use, other than that not very knowledgeable in hardware or software. I attempted to ask the IT technician questions, but he confused me more than I was already in this computer language.

The company has a large customer database which can not be lost for any reason because of all maintenance schedules for different properties and different customer which is approximately every six months to a year, also most importantly the customer personal information. Regular customer when they call in for a job all they mention is the property address and or their name and the computer will automatically find it, this way not every time customers repeat themselves. Each department in the company has to on daily biases complete their tasks by the end of the day. Dispatching department needs to complete all work orders dispatched during the day in order for the company to know what calls came in, went out, completed, holding or canceled. Accounting department needs to enter all money received and all the customer they spoke...