Importance of army, diplomacy, gender roles and social structure of ramesside period

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Actual order of structure in pyramid drawn next to source 5

Look at source 1 brief outline

O Connor explains the occupations defined the socio-economic divisions between the social structures.


Erik Hornung- "The social pyramid of humanity, as seen by the Egyptians, culminated in the king."

Essential essence of social structure "Divine Kingship" human being in the role of a god, at same time was a priest, a servant of gods representing all humanity to the gods.

Upheld ma'atterm used to uphold ideal state of universe and society, responsibilities like truth and justice(SOURCE 23 B)

Representations through animals, "Falcon" nature of king, lion sphinx, griffin

-NW most popular combined title "Horus" with the element "Strong Bull (SOURCE 19, 20, 21) emphasis on strength prominent during period relates to importance of army

(Hornung) Continued traditional that king's individuality receded completely into background behind his role.

-Ramses II, reigned 66yrs have no depictions as an old man; even at 88 he still appeared in youth that was ideal image of the king.

"Official inscriptions" did tell of King's actions, but clearly for politically motivated reasons

-R II Battle of Kadesh (SOURCE 26)

-Diplomatic marriages peace treaties (SOURCE 29)

-Illustrate right to rule (SOURCE 19)

Tradition of building policy demonstrating religious policy & promoting own importance:

-Although Amun still prominent, more variety, more gods e.g. Ptah showing origin from North

-Strong connections to gods statues made to likeness of current pharaoh.

-.g. R II inscriptions and scarabs representing himself as manifestation of Sun god on earth "Great Soul of Re-Harakhte"


Most important position after king was Vizier head of judiciary, chief royal architect, and keeper of state archives.

High ranked officials who were in charge of Administration, army and priesthood (O Connor) enjoyed status, substantial economic...