The Importance of being Ernest

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The idea of The Importance of being Ernest is about living a double life. In the author's (Oscar Wilde) life he also was living a double life, as a homosexual. Oscar Wilde was living an undercover life as a homosexual who later died a sad life. Victorianisms is made to separate people from life, such as people who are homosexuals and how they act in the public eye or in society. For example Bill Clinton he performed the act by having sex with a woman other than his wife. The importance of February 14, 1895 (Feb. 18, starting the dispute with Queensbury) the dispute was over Queensbury, he made public of Oscar Wilde's homosexual preference. During these times when someone would make public something as slander, dealing with homosexuals, the thing to do was to sue him in court. While in court the father of his male lover told the jury about there homosexual encounters, subsequently Oscar Wild confessed, furthermore Oscar wild was sent to jail on May 25, and later died there, for his homosexual preference.

The idea of the play is about leading a double life. Jake and Algernon have a funny life because it's double. In the play Algernon and Jack, both are leading this life as Ernest in which they call to describe there actions as "Bunbury" provides them with a way of indulging there selves while also suggesting great seriousness and sense of duty. "Ernest" is the darker "sicker" and better looking then the two Algernon and Jake. If we look at what's inside the play and what is darker - there is something about a gay play writer. I can postulate that there courage to do such a scheme took very big guts. I am really surprised of Jake's Bunbury;...