The importance of being a good listner in the workplace.

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Being a good listener.

I think it is very important for my boss to be a good listener. All of the employees are either students or Mexicans. Some of them do not speak English. Also, my boss is the owner, so it is important for him to listen to all of his employees about what goes on and how things are going with the store. It is also good for him to listen to the customers, which he does, because Quizno's is a quick-serve restaurant. Good communication between employees and employers is always a helpful practice. I would say that my employer, Gordon, is a great listener. I think he is because he is younger, closer to my age, and can understand some of the problems that come up at work for me. He tries to accommodate me when I need days off for school. He also has a phone list posted with all the employees numbers.

To add to that, he keeps a dry erase board in back and frequently writes notes to us on it, he also tapes notes to the door for us. He always tries to be positive, and tries to criticize everybody in a constructive way, instead of being harsh and unreasonable which I have dealt with before from a former employer. Since he keeps constant communication with the employees, he seems more as a friend than an enemy. He talks to me, asks me how school is going, etc. He is always concerned about our safety and communicates any changes on the menu or procedures to us right away. He also has his cell phone number posted so we can call him if we need to. Overall, having good listening skills is important for both employers and employers to have, and I think my...