The importance of being Thankful

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Thankfulness is being able to have a certain degree of appreciation for a certain thing, place, or person. Appreciation is the main aspect of being thankful. People who are thankful for something usually show their thankfulness in certain ways. One such way is through thanksgiving, where we celebrate our thankfulness of each other and the houses and meals we have been blessed with. Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful of our friends, our family and ourselves.

To me, thankfulness means that a person has realized the true value of something and is willing to do something to prove it. Showing your thankfulness does not come just once a year, but all year round. For example, lets say that a person named Jennifer has a cat. She loves her cat very much, so she gives her cat a wind-up mouse to show her appreciation. A person does not have to necceseraly do or give something to someone to show their appreciation, but to simply have the thankfulness within themselves.

Thankfulness is very important to my father. My father tells me that I should be appreciative for everything that I have, becuase when he was little his family couldn't afford anything. He tells me that I am very fortunate, becuase I dont have to suffer such harships. Thanfulness is also very important to my aunt. She tells me that if a person does not appreciate something, then that person most likely does not deserve something.

Thankfulness has occured many times during my week. Some things are during class. My teacher is thankful of my citizenship, so in return he/she gives me a good citizenship grade. Another way that thankfulness has applied to me during this week is that I am able to be thankful for my friends, family, and teachers.