The importance of being a visionary individual

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In our modern society, being a visionary individual is very important because we learn to be independent in whatever challenges that come before us.

To create a mature person, it takes people who are closet to us to advise us. It is important to have support an individual to have vision. Without support, individuals may not have enough belief in their vision, to improve and it learns. In a football team, for example, the captain must never fail to believe his players’ ability and their potential to reach a higher level. There are many countries where football is their national sport, but they fail to achieve what they are supposed to because they have no vision. The reason behind failure is always due to a lack of belief in oneself and without belief; there is no drive to succeed.

There is certainly a difference between the Eastern and the Western mentality.

It is commonly noticed that the Westerners always say they are the best and that they are sure to win the first prize. Many do this mainly to psychologically boost their own belief to win. On the other hand, Asians will usually humbly respond by saying they will do their best and see what happens. There is a great difference when we start comparing the two cultures. Each and every one of us has a vision and to achieve that vision, many important decisions have to be made which subsequently influence the steps that we take.

Indeed everyone should have a goal to achieve, At the start of every year, I would set resolutions for the coming year. Some of my resolutions include having to improve my command of the English language. In order to do that, I will practice doing grammar workbooks and read plenty of books. Thus,