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In today’s time, calculators in schools are just as widely used as computers are. Since it’s invention nearly forty years ago, the electronic calculator has evolved from a machine that could only perform simple four-function operations ( addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) into one that can now also execute highly technical algebraic symbolic manipulations instantly and accurately. Each new generation of calculators builds on the previous one, with heightened speed and more advanced capabilities. At the same time, the cost of a basic calculator has dropped so low that virtually that every household in the U.S. can easily afford one.

Calculators are a big help when doing mathematical equations correctly. They are also a useful tool in learning different ways to do mathematics. The use of them plays a big part in excelling in math. With extensive availability, a full range of sizes and styles, and a price range for just about any budget, there really shouldn’t be any excuse for not owning a one.

There also shouldn’t be any restrictions, as far as I’m concerned, for the use of calculators in classrooms. I agree with this rule only when the level of math is above learning the four basic operations. It’s not about the tedious math involved that’s important, it’s about learning the fundamentals and concepts of how to problem solve. The advantage of this technology is so helpful for students. However, the use of calculators does have a bad reputation for some people who didn’t have the technology we readily have in school while they were growing up.

There are some current myths that block how beneficial calculators really are. They make students more efficient, in my opinion. We live in an evolving world of technology. Today‘s technological generation has made a complete turn around from past generations. Just...