Importance of community colleges

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College education in the United States is a lucrative service that many people cannot use. Traditionally, most high school students after senior year attended four-year schools in order to obtain a degree that would help them in their future career. Across this nation, college participation is raising, especially community college sector. The demand for community colleges service is increasing and the support of communities is stronger. Although four-year schools have solid academics contributions, many business owners and industry leaders are increasingly turning to community colleges as their workforce providers. According to Community College Week, "In the five years between 2001 and 2006, community colleges saw their overall enrollment jump by 2.2 million students" (Bradley). In pursuit of a four-year degree people should first attend community college. Factors such as rising college cost, competitive admissions at four-year schools and services are a few of the major reasons why people should attend first a community college.

Our rising inflation is one of the factors most people attend community colleges instead of four-year schools. "The economy has soured, sending students especially non-traditional students back to school in search of affordable options to gain or burnish skills" (Bradley). It is amazing how the cost of education has risen during the years. According to Richard Worsnop, "The trend has dimmed the college hopes of many high school students. According to a recent national survey, 53 percent of the high school students who responded said they would have more trouble paying for college than their parents did. And the National Center for Education Statistics has reported that 58 percent of the full-time undergraduates in colleges or vocational and technical schools in 1992-93 obtained financial help" (169). Right now many students lack money and they need to get scholarships or go to community college in order to...