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There is no doubt that in today's world education is one of the most essential thing for the sustainable development of the country.In other words, a society or a country without a proper education system can not develop in terms of technology,culture,science and art.Unfortunately, the education in turkey has never been well enough for providing qualified people and there are numerous problems in the field of education which are have to be identified and to be solved as soon as possible.

First of all, one of the most glaring problem in education system is lack of qualified teachers in schools.If Turkish education is to meet up the demands of students ,if it is to be dynamic, instructive and viable, schools must have more qualified educators. In the most of Turkish schools, educators are tired and frustrated people who are working just for money. They are intolerant and angry toward students which makes the learning process much harder for students.

These kind of uncooperative teachers are not idealist and consequently they are not interested in self-development. What the Turkish schools need are ingenious, creative, patient and forbearant teachers who can improve the overall quality of education in turkey.

The second serious problem in Turkey education is lack of educational equipments and facilities.Most of the schools in Turkey have not sufficient equipments such as computers,laborataries etc.In some of the school in Turkey especially in the east regions there arent even road to schools or there arent even blackboards and books in the schools.The dimension of the shortage of facilities is highly massive that makes many student away from getting educated.The government has to spend great amount of Money to provide educational equipments for every single school .

To sum up,it is really clear that turkey...