The Importance of Ethical Responsibilities

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The Importance of Ethical Responsibilities

I. Introduction

In this era of global economy, education has emerged as significant important factor of economic development. The general opinion is that countries at which invest more on education will have higher growth rates of national economy since educated people may provide more productivities. Therefore, many people tend to seek sophisticated and excellent education in order to obtain technically competent. However, the current concern is that the ethical behaviour of business has become a major issue in the workplace. The major reason of this concern is that some educated people have deficient in understanding their responsibilities in managing a company and interacting in society. The illustrations of this include political and business scandals, sexual harassment, misleading government inspectors within organisation. It is strongly possible that this tendency bring failure of their business. This report will be examined how important on understanding of ethical responsibilities within organisation.

And also the interaction between the irresponsible management and failure their business with several industrial examples will be demonstrated.

II. What is the objective for companies to do business?

Companies might be interested in only growing and making profit. However, another objective would be to contribute society (Wood, 2001, P.327). As people live in a society, their action should be acceptable to the public. As well as what kind of products a company supplies, the public is also interested in if the company is ethical or not. Some companies would choose less profit ethically. Others would choose more profit unethically. Which a company chooses would depend on how much they have an ethically good mind as organisational behaviour. An organisation consists of a group of every single employee. An organisation must be an entity, which can organize every single employee ethically. Every single employee must act ethically morally.