Importance Of Human Life

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A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, talks about the life of the Youngers during the 1950's and how they struggle through the problems if racism, betrayal, stereotypes, and other troubles that occur to the Blacks during that time period. The author uses the characters and their actions/situations to emphasize how important and valuable human life is.

Mama is one of the characters Hansberry used to show the significance of life. Mama always wanted a new house for the family (II, i). When she made that down payment on the new house, it brought out the value of life because it showed that she cared about it and improving it not just for herself, but for her family as well, and it was so hard for the Youngers to achieve a better life at that time which makes life for them more valuable. Mama also shows that human life is valuable when she told Ruth to keep the baby even though they weren't financially ready for another one (I, ii).

She shows that bringing life into the world is always a good thing no matter the condition or situation of the surrounding environment. She also mentioned to Walter how Big Walter was so upset she lost her baby to a miscarriage.

Big Walter lost a child and was very heartbroken because he valued life so much (I, ii). He had barely had enough to support himself and he was willing to have another baby. But when he lost that baby, it impacted him greatly. And that showed how he took life seriously and that he cares about life. Big Walter also brings out the value of human life because he worked so hard to support the family so the next generation will have a better life (II, iii).