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According to a source of, today there are about nine hundreds million people are using the internet on the world. People can use the internet to communicate with the other from all over the world, business can do their work over the internet, and student can take a class online. Internet is allowing people have more conveniences on their live. It is become one of the most important technological innovations in human history. Does the internet always make people to be advantageously? The answer will now be explored.

Here are some major of the internet. One, from the number of television advertisements for internet shopping sites today, we all know that shopping is become a strong enterprise on the internet. By selling items over the internet, companies can save money on employing shop assistants, buying shops and land, administration costs and many other things. The advantage for the shoppers is that the shops are able to sell their goods at lower prices.

However because it is cheaper to run internet sites, a less staff is needed, the workforce suffers. If a company went into the internet, hundreds of jobs would be lost. Another bad factor is that people will not leave their homes to go out shopping, so they will not socialize in or around shops, get need exercise, or help their local economy. Many shopping sites are international so their profits may not be going into your country's economy at all.

Internet is also allowing people to communicate to the other on over the world. According to Donna Hoffman, one survey after another finds that when online user are asked what they do on the Net, "email is always No.1". There are more than six million of users of email on 2005. People use the internet to contact with the other by sending and receiving email and it is possible for them to make more friends from many countries in a chat room. They can talk and see together by using voice chat or webcam. These things make internet is more interesting and convenient.

The workplace is becoming increasing by stressful for many people with longer hours. So, the internet offers an alternative. Some businesses are allowing their employees to work at home for two to four days a week. There are many advantages for people. They don't need to pay for child care. They can take a short break for snacks and relaxation, save money on fuel by avoiding driving to work everyday, start to work when you like, early or late. However this system can also result in people not doing their work at all. They may stay at home and watch TV, don't concentrate on their work. And it is also hard to check or control employees.

Everything has two sides. One is good and one is bad. Internet is the same. However good or bad depend on how people use and control it. People agree that internet always has an important role on a socioeconomic development. And it is one of the most important technological innovations in human history