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"The Most Important Day of my Life" The most important day of my life is when we moved to Hiram from Monroe Falls. We moved in our new house that we built nine years ago. We got all our stuff unpacked three days before Christmas Day. In like three more weeks after we moved in I started school when I was in kindergarten. I had no friends when I first moved. Right after I moved in there was another house that moved in right next to us. They had the same design of our house. In about fifth grade my mom wanted to get a horse because she always wanted one ever since she was a little girl. We got a quarter horse. I didn't like it when we got it because I was really never in to them that much. My dad said since we already have a horse and we had really had no place to put he decided to build a barn.

The barn was built in 1996. Then after we had that built my dad decided since we already have a barn and a horse we should get some cows and chickens and stuff like that. In about two years later we had a lot of farm animals.

We had like 2 horses, 2 cows, lots of chickens, a peacock, turkeys, 2 dogs, like 5 cats, and a lot more that I can't think of. So we got all that in like four years. It was the winter of 200 and one of our cows was real sick. My dad was real upset because we were just about to butcher him for meat. He was upset because he wasted all that money trying to raise the cow. He had to get rid of it cause the veterinarian couldn't cure him because it was too late. So my dad had to shoot and bury it in the winter. He rented a backhoe to dig the hole. Two-week later it was Christmas. My dad really didn't want to celebrate like usual. Later that year I got a dirt bike for my birthday in the summer. It was really cool that I had a dirt bike cause I had some friends that lived around me that had one. Another thing that was cool is that we lived on a farm now and we had some many acres. I think now we have almost twenty acres.

It was the start of my freshman year of high school. It was really cool, because all the older people and not having to put up with all the younger kids in the middle school. This year our road was finally paved with cement. That was a real accomplishment for our town and our road. Our road was dirt up until then. I guess its ok now because they're isn't all the potholes. And there is also a setback cause the people go faster down the road and really don't look out for people that walk the road. I thought when I first moved here that it would be so boring cause there was no houses that were by us. But time had revealed that there was a future for our little dirt road in Hiram. This was the most important day of my life because if we wouldn't have moved from our old house then I wouldn't of had the experience that my family or I had.