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Marketing is important in any business but understanding the types of marketing is crucial between products and services due to their characteristics, as some of the tactics used in product marketing (e.g. advertising) may not be used in service marketing, and it is the role of interpersonal relationships, ways to redefine their businesses to built on competitive core competencies and a market driven culture that will distinguish between these two in strategies and objectives, which this paper will sought to briefly elaborate and highlight the associated market research that will aid in the planning and decision making process.

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Abstract i

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Introduction 1

Define marketing and what it encompasses 1

Why marketing is important to a port or shipping related company 2

Importance of marketing strategy to a port or shipping related company 3

The implications of different products or services has on marketing strategies 4

Types of market research for justifications 6

Conclusion 8

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Marketing, as commonly understood usually associated with the selling of consumer packaged and industrial goods, with less focus on the selling of services having an intangible element like experiences on health and elderly care services, of which the customer service activities are a critical and inseparable part of doing business for any offering.

There are many perceptions of what "service" is, and it is useful to differentiate them between products which are tangible. The human relationship between the provider and consumer of the service should also be look at to improve satisfaction as an indicator of the quality of the business. Berry and Parasuraman (1991) describes how important the service process is to the customer's perception of quality on the basis of experiences they have, and that the "how" of service delivery is...