The Importance of the Minoan Crete and why it should be studied

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Many recent history sources have failed to mention the importance of Minoan Crete. They do not realize that even though this four thousand years old civilization only existed for a short period of time, it made significant marks in history that are worth studying today. An example of which would be their application of the palace system that solved two major problems early cities faced. Plus, their religion was quite unusual and therefore interesting to study. They had also proven their power through their pottery and navy. Finally, the mysterious disappearance of the civilization made it even more interesting to be studied.

City organization was a main component of a civilization. All early cities had much problems concerning waste disposal and goods distribution. The intelligence of the Minoans was that they conquered these two problems with their unique palace system. Water was the key to sanitation (including waste removal) and the Minoan were great with water works.

Their palaces included series of canals that were designed for water to carry wastes to a specific place where a paid worker would go everyday and collect the waste. They also managed to use the waste as a nourishment crops or gardens, which was a very advance idea at the time. The palace system also solved the problem of goods distribution for the palaces themselves served as marketing centres where goods were manufactured and distributed to all citizens. This was an organized way of making sure every citizen had a share in the goods, and amongst which, food was the most important. This was a huge leap form the previous Neolithic people who lived in brick huts. The palace system reflected the efficiency of the Minoan people, for it lessened the gaps within the city and organized it all into a clean...