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The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the least populated place in the country. It is home to tribal people, however, who depend on the rainforest for their life. They are careful not to damage the environment and respect all living species. They live in a Kayapo Village which is a circle of wooden buildings with palm- leafed thatched roofs. The Kayapo hunt, fish and collect food from the forest to survive. Villagers are sometimes lucky enough to get a few crops. There is over 250 fruits and hundreds of vegetables and nuts in the forest which provides the tribal people with a very healthy diet. Animal bones and skins, bamboo and nutshells are used to make musical instruments. Body paints are also very popular; the main colours are red and black. These are made from plants. Large lips are considered beautiful with the Kayapo tribe so they have lip plates.

The tribe member, as a baby, has there lip cut and a small disk inserted. As they grow, the disk will be replaced with a bigger one. If the disk is removed the tribe member's lip will sag.

The rainforest is home to many different species of animal. Colourful and unique animals live in all four layers of the forest. There is 400 species of bird, 150 species of butterfly, 20 types of mammal, 100 types of reptile, 60 types of amphibian and countless numbers of insect and fish. In order to survive the vegetation and climate the wildlife has to adapt. Here are some examples of animals that you would find in the rainforest:

Parrots, toucans, frogs, jaguars, sloths, howler monkeys, orang-utans, pythons, gibbons, chameleons, hornbills, tree snails, Lizards and mosquitos.

Animals have different ways of protecting themselves from predators as they are always at risk of being eaten:...