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Science is a very powerful source of understanding. We are always improving our ways of studing, our ideas are always changing, and the tools we use are always improving and getting better. I got my information from the internet. The root word of "science" is "to know" but what we know keeps changing all the time.

Science is a work in progress thats constantly changing like new diseases that face the world. We are always finding new discoveries, and we are using more modern tools that are more accurate. For example when the first telsescope was built, and they used it to study outer-space it was very blurry and they could not learn new things about space but now they make telescopes a lot better. One of the telsescopes that is used to study outer-space in the present is called The Hubble Space Telescope which brings back many images of outer space, which give us much more clearer, crisper, more accurate pictures which allows astronermers to see farther and more deatailed things in space which can lead to discoveries of new planets or warnings of danger such as asteroids, or comets, etc.

With people from all nationalties, improving technology and finding cures the future of the world becomes a more safer place.

When I look at my timeline of all the famous scientist in the past and in the present, their different backgrounds, their diverse cultures, I see how the combination of their great contributions have made the world what it is today! I look foward to the promising outlook of science with our diverse world.