The Importance Of Symbolic Interaction

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The Importance of Symbolic InteractionGeorge Herbert Mead's development of the theory of symbols in social interaction is quite unappreciated. As a social scientist Mead dealt with the great intellectual issues and the importance of science and evolution. One of the most important concepts he introduced was that of the conversation of gestures, this was what he termed the process of interaction as. The ideas of Mead are rarely recognized as being that of the utmost importance. Throughout his theory of symbolic interaction Mead points out the importance of humans understanding the position of themselves as well as others when in the act of communicating.

George Herbert Mead was a social psychologist and the central founder of the theory of symbolic interaction. In briefly examining Mead's theory of gestural communication in symbolic interaction, focus is on the scientific and philosophical notions of his work. Mead's theory of gestural communication seeks to find a basis of explanation for human association.

He suggests that the entire process of socialization pertaining to human communication is essentially a process of symbolic interaction. Using this idea he was able to recognize that all group life is essentially a matter of cooperative behavior, which acts as a foundation for communication. In order to understand how cooperation takes place within a group one must first recognize how people relate meaning to gestures, therefore producing symbols and setting the foundation for interaction to take place.

When viewing social interaction for a Meadian perspective one is able to see two important themes in his work. The first is the level of interaction pertaining to the non- symbolic. In this scenario interaction between humans occurs when they respond directly to another's gestures or actions. The second level concerns the way people interpret each other's gestures or actions; symbolic interaction...