The Importance of Women in Ancient Greece

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While men in Ancient Greece got to be involved in public events, watch the Olympics, be engaged in politics, experience a lot of freedom, and receive education, women in Athens and Sparta were obligated to stay and be responsible for a lot of work in the household. Although they did not get to do as much as the men did in their time, they still played an important influence in affecting the men and society in Ancient Greece. Their involvement in society pertaining to the state and within their own household was very important. Without women, civilization would collapse especially since they are important for the life of the family, and for passing on wealth to all generations. (Macdonald, 21)

The importance of women differed in different parts of Ancient Greece. With the exception of Spartan women, most other Greek women were not equals with men. People often had different views about women in ancient Greece.

Myths often pictured women being dangerous and unpredictable. Some women knew how to read and write but were not educated outside their home. Some people viewed women's literature as being unimportant and were not valued to the rest of society. (Macdonald, 9) Others saw that women were important for bearing children and producing future citizens of Greece. Women had a low amount of freedom and laws restricted them from going out much. Spartan women, however, had a good level of equality with men that other Greek women did not have, with a lot of important roles that were expected from them, giving them a lot more freedom compared to other Greek women. Spartan women were granted a lot more freedom mostly because the men were usually out serving the state or were with other men, leaving the women home to...