The Importance of Women In Business

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Many business enterprises are moving with great haste towards embarking on various "Diversity" initiatives not because the realize the social responsibility that they hold as a firm to be an 'equal opportunity employer', or because of their desire to contribute to the approximation towards the achievement of 'world peace', but because they realize the impact of these 'diverse' groups in the market decisions that influence their bottom line...profitability. In other words, firms need to employ diverse people to ensure that they are meting the needs of the diverse consumers that now constitute the the same way, whether they are the heads of single parent households, play the supporting roles or whether they are making it on their own, women are the ones with increasing buying power and thus, increasing market influence. Thus, women are important in business for the sake of the business. It is imperative that women have an input in the research, production and marketing stages of product lines simply because women know what women want.

The societal male female dynamic has evolved dramatically within the last fifty years. No longer are women subjected to the limited array of vocations that usually only consisted of wife and/or mother. They are stepping up and stepping over the boundaries that society has out in their way and continuing to prove that they are worthy and capable of doing everything that was previously thought to be a man's job. Oftentimes, the best man for the job is a woman. In keeping with society's current trend, women will continue to have increasing importance in business.

Also, it is important to secure the role of women in business world for the sake of women. The long lasting efficacy of the development of a healthy entrepreneurial sector may best be summarized by the...