Important accomplishments require extreme commitment

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Difficulty is a fire that burns perpetually in our world. The wild fire of difficulty will ravage, destroy the burn, but its ashes will fertilize the crusty soil of opportunity from which the lush green of glorious accomplishment will emerge. If one wishes to have outstanding accomplishments, extraordinary commitment is inevitable. For instance, how I succeeded in volunteering, progress of my English and my experience for SAT are examples of where green of success has appeared, therefore it is evident that important accomplishments require extreme commitment.

Even though the outcome of it may seem insufficient to the world, our volunteer for Canadian Cancer Society had had a beneficial impact in the community. We went around the neighborhood for about six hours in total and there were times when we thought we couldn't make it and should pick another day to finish it. We were sometimes rejected or ignored, but the encouragement and donations from those of generous people had comforted us for moving forward.

We knew we couldn't give up, because we were only one step closer to where research programs of cancer can have more funds and all cancer patients can have a better quality of life. We went from door to door by walking, and no matter how tiring it was, we really hoped to get at least a hundred dollars. The result did not disappoint us, rather did it surprise us; we gained about three hundred dollars. Throughout the event, we realized commitment is required in order to accomplish something.

As we all know, English is currently one of the most widely spoken and written languages worldwide. However, I believe learning a new language is one of the toughest things one can accomplish within a short time. As students, we are all committed to learning in school,