"The Important of Being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde.

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The Important of Being Earnest is a comedy play by Oscar Wilde. This play is his final work before he passes away at 1900. It is set in the Victorian Age. The play is about the using of dual personalities and the importance of trivial things. The main characters are Jack and Algernon, who started the whole story. Apart from that, other significant characters are Gwendolen and Cecily, who bond to Jack and Algernon, and there are Lady Bracknell and Miss Prism, two important characters that influencing the play.

There are certain significant similarities between Jack and Algernon. After all, they are brothers. Both of them are complex that they possess 'dual personalities'. Jack is using the name Ernest in town to make his life in town more interesting. Algernon create a friend named Bunbury as an excuse to get away from his society. They both use the fake identity as to escape from their own surrounding.

Apart from that, they both deeply in love with the lady the first time they meet. Jack are attract to the cousin of Algernon, Gwendolen. "Miss Fairfax, ever since I met you I have admired you more than every girl- I have ever met - since I met you." (pg 736). Algernon are love at first sight with Jack's ward, Cecily. It seems they are link to one another. As a result, both Jack and Algernon make a quick and vague decision to propose to the Ladies soon after they meet. Soon after that, they discover that they are long lost brothers. That may explain their similarities.

Even though they are similar in the sense of action, they are two discrete people. In fact, Jack is more a responsible and honest person that he reveals all about himself to Lady Bracknell when...