Important Lessons In Romeo And Juliet

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Even though Romeo and Juliet was written during Renaissance, it still portrays lessons that we have learned in present day life. Readers can learn many valuable lessons in people's writings. Writing is a good source for lesson making, because it gives examples of the consequences if you don't follow the lesson. Shakespeare teaches many lessons in Romeo and Juliet. Not to use stereotypes, to listen to advice, and not to act hastily are three main lessons that are portrayed in Romeo and Juliet.

First, stereotypes play a huge role in Romeo and Juliet. The Montague and the Capulet families are equally respected but are adversaries. Because of last names, the two families despised each other. Some members of the families had never even met but they still hated them. I have learned that stereotypes can cause harsh feelings and tragedies just because of a label. Someone can be a very nice person that has done nothing wrong, and because of their name I should not hate them.

Next, listening to advice could have been a difference between life and death in Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence tried to tell the families to stop bickering or there would be harsh consequences. I think that you should listen to advice. Some advice is good and some is bad. You have to use your conscience in choosing whether it is good or bad advice. Once you have done that, act in the way you think is best.

Reddin 2 Finally, hastiness is portrayed many times in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a very hasty guy. He falls in and out of love very easily. He is very hasty to get married to Juliet. I think if Romeo wasn't so hasty then many of the bad events wouldn't have...