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Names are common words which act as a title, label, or tag. A name gives an object a sense of identity. Names of people, or humans, are more important than that of animals and objects. It can act as an indicator in many ways or it can act as a award or title.

Our own names are something we do not choose, it is chosen for us by others. Names can be originated from a person's family names or from a mixture of other names, for example a mix of both the names of the parents. A person might be named due to the auspicious things possibly connected to a month, or he or she may be named after a god indicating religious luck.

Names can be gender specific. It can indicate a person's religion, race, or geographical origins (for example, Patel, Shah-> a person from Gujrat, India).

It can also indicate family history, a person's profession, and the status and wealth (for example a rich family name, casts, or upper class names).

A name can identify someone famous such as a pop star, singer, or role model. A title can be given to a name such as Doctor, which makes that person stand out and also indicates who they are.

Names can be changed, especially when a woman marries, or by a person's choice. Actors and singers change their name for professional reasons, usually; another name might sound better for them. Women usually lose their maiden names when they are married, especially in Christianity which might symbolize the superiority of men over women.

In some religions, a baby's name might not be related to either of the parent's names, especially in Buddhism where a new name is created. In the Sindhi religion, a woman's first and last...