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How to Impress a Woman

!WARNING! Women are fickle things. Yet one day every man desires one in his life. Take these suggestions, and become a successful chick-magnet. Every man has his own variations, but here are the basics.

We men have been defined as creatures that spend our first nine months struggling to get out of one woman and the rest of our lives striving to get into as many others as possible. A bit cynical you say? Not at all. When was the last time that you - assuming you're a heterosexual male - did something that had nothing whatsoever to do with impressing (or appeasing) some woman or another? The answer is indefinitely NO. You have been doing it your whole life. It's easy.

First you must impress the woman socially. Women are social beings. They thrive on the process of language exchange. If you are not very talkative, step outside your comfort zone.

If you talk too much, sit back, and be casual in the conversation. Next you should reek of confidence. You are superman. No other man is like you. But how do you make her feel unique? Read and learn.

1. Focus your attention on her. Not on other beautiful women. Not on anything but HER. Make it clear that SHE is important enough to warrant your focus of attention.

2. Use her name. The most important word in the world to anyone is their own name. Use it. It's commanding and personal, and it works wonders with women.

3. Express an interest in things that are particular to HER. Her family, her background, her interests. Just don't go crazy with your questioning. Lean back and find one topic she seems to be especially excited about, and then pounce on that one.

Next you should impress her friends. Do not be subtle, befriend the whole group. Treat her with the same courtesy, respect and enthusiasm in front of your friends, family and colleagues as you do in private. Be a gentleman (gentle + man) and take care of her needs without prompting.

Such as:

Always open her car door for her. She will expect you to and if you don't she may hold it against you. Don't show her too much attention yet.

When at a restaurant always pull her chair out for her when you get to your table.

Always help her put her coat on. Before you help her always say, "Here, let me help you with your coat."

When walking with a woman on the sidewalk, always walk with you being closest to the street. This is to protect her from any traffic that may wander off the road.

Last but not least you need to hide all your known faults. Do feel evil; just place them in the closet to pull out in a week or so. You are not engaged yet, so there are things about you she does not need to know.

Every woman wants a stud. But not all guys are the proverbial sexy model. So start by showing her your active side, whether it is sports, hiking, or video games. Push her gently out of her comfort zone and into yours. Make it a point to involve her in your hobbies such as board games, coin collecting or reading. However you must also be willing to partake in hers too. A good dose of physical contact helps round out the equation. This can be accomplished by hugs here and there and cuddling during movies. Make it a point to have special contact. Save this physical contact for her only, not her friends.

Women are fickle just as it is stated above; however, this is not their fault. They are too emotional. The men of Greece were stoic, and believed that by showing their ups and downs, they were weak. They were right but females these days don't want that. They want a gentle tender man. The first step in taking the challenge is to show her your softer side. Not your gay side. Entertain her with the caring, sharing part of you which smiles when you see bunnies, and clowns. Finally, you must take off all the outerwear slowly, and let her see your faults, preferably slowly.

Here is the secret to it all. Stop trying. Trying to impress a woman does not impress her. Women are animals they can smell fear and they know you are trying too hard. The way to throw them off is to keep the humor up. Try not to impress her, but to be IMPRESSIVE.

Be strong, yet not abrasive. Women don't react well to a spineless jellyfish that won't stand up for himself, but be careful not to cross the fine line between confidence and cockiness. Make sure you exhibit confidence, and not jealousy. The reality that she'll stay in contact with friends and acquaintances she had before she met you shouldn't threaten you.

You can not "convince" a woman to feel differently about you. That is why you need to impress her off the start. Some key instances to be sure she is impressed are when she asks for a key to your place, or is willing to cook for you and your buddies while you are watching football. Once you have won the girl, Be Yourself.

On the lighter side, here are ten things to NEVER do on a first date.

1) DON'T wear something you don't feel drop dead gorgeous in.

2) DON'T wear colored contacts on a first date.

3) DON'T mention your last boyfriend/girlfriend six hundred times.

4) DON'T talk about yourself too much.

5) DON'T talk wistfully about how many children you'd like to have...

6) If it's a blind date, DON'T compare yourself to anyone famous, looks-wise.

7) DON'T check out other people!

8) DON'T drink too much!

9) DON'T assume that he/she will automatically grab for the check.

10) DON'T jump into the sack!